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I’ll be unhappy until you are.


America’s war on killer toys

Photo by Bubble Pop on Unsplash

A U.S. law banning the sale of Kinder Surprise eggs may be saving up to 0.2 children’s lives every year. With 43 million Americans unable to read warning labels, experts believe the number of lives being saved could be considerably higher.

What’s the crack?

Kinder Surprise eggs seem harmless on the surface, but…


America needs to stop taking the easy way out

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Over 43 million Americans are illiterate. Read that again (if you can).

If you live in the Twitter-Sphere you will probably argue that number is even higher.

Over 110 million Americans own a gun or live with someone who does. No need to read that again, it’s no longer particularly…


Time to bite the bullet

Image by Author

General consensus states that a certain period of time must pass before treating any serious incident with humour.

Even with the falling of the Twin Towers, Americans and citizens of the world over were able to relieve a little pressure by laughing at The Onion’s articles released just two weeks…


On behalf of America’s biggest dick

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

After being ousted by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, my client has been left virtually homeless.

In a world of supposed free speech, he has found himself silenced by the very hotbeds of Fake-News.

With no-where left to turn, he would like to know if he can open an account with…

I like to write for people who like to read

This isn’t my van and I don’t drive. But if it was and I did I’d be one Hippy Guy — Photo by Vasilios Muselimis on Unsplash

My name is Lee,

I started writing when I was a kid. To be honest I never really stopped. It was the same with walking and talking. I still do that too.

One of the best things I have held onto since being a child is looking at the world…


‘Single-Shot’ is being hailed The American Revolverution

Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

Gun sales across America have been skyrocketing for well over a year now, leaving shelves empty and gun owners furious.

“I just found out yesterday how many people kill themselves with guns. It’s a disgrace. We need to find a way to stop guns getting into their hands. Think of…


Twitters expert virologists are already flipping them the bird

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

The World Health Organization has already stated “at this time, there is no indication of human-to-human transmission”, according to the BBC.

Twitter on the other hand, a well reputed source of data-driven research scientists and virologists, has chirped in painting an entirely different picture.

Even if this remains an isolated…

Beef up your business profits by copying their greedy traits

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

It’s true. A quick search on Google yields 116,000,000 results. That’s a lot — although nowhere near the daily calorie intake of the average Weight Watchers member.

Ploughing through the results I started to notice two trends shared by both fat people and fat cats: not crying over spilt milk…

Is your side hustle missing the secret ingredient?

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Ask anyone if they want more money and they will say yes. Everyone believes that a fat wad of notes will somehow make them happy. It won’t. If you are unhappy without money, you will sure as shit be unhappy with it. Maybe more so. Let me explain…

I used…

Lee Cray

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